Federal Update: Priority Bills



Updated May 11, 2005


HR 6 Energy Policy Act
of 2005
Passed House
HR 39/Young Coastal Plain
Domestic Energy Act
C on Res
HR 135/Linder 21st Century Water Commission Act C Water/Power
HR 213/Solis Safe Drinking Water
SC Env & Hsng
HR 339/Reid Reaffirm State
Authority to Reg Fish/Hunt
C on Judiciary
HR 374/Dicks DOI-Puyallup Tribal
Trust Lands
1/26/05 C on Resources
HR 411/Renzi Cattlemen’s Bill of
1/26/05 C on Ag
HR 426/Udall Remote Sensing
Applications Act
1/26/05 C on Science
HR 464/Faleoma. Tribal Federal
Recognition Act
2/1/05 C
on Resources
HR 487/Pearce Limiting DOI Water
2/9/05 SC on Water
HR 512/Pombo Federal Recognition 2/2/05 C
on Resources
HR 524/Berkey Water Conservation
Incentive Act
2/2/05 C
HR 537/Deal National Fisheries
Mitigation Coord. Act
2/2/05 SC Forests, Fish
HR 610/Biggert Energy, Research,
Develop, Commerc Act
2/9/05 SC Energy, Min
HR 612/Biggert Energy & Basic
& Applied Sciences Act
2/17/05 SC Energy
HR 731/Udall State Reg of Resid/Nonres Hunting/Fishing 2/ /05 SC Fish, Oceans
HR 760/Hefley National Heritage
Partnership Act
2/23/05 SC Nat.Parks
HR779/Radanovich Federal Hydropower
Enhancement Act
3/1/05 SCForest/Health
HR 852/McDermott Duwamish
Recognition Act
2/16/05 C on Resources
HR 983/ Udall Amending Public
Utility Reg. Policy Act
2/17/05 C
Energy, Com
HR 996/Thomas $ Provide for Hwy
taxes and trust funds
3/1/05 Union Calendar
HR 1071/Davis Desalination
Drought Protection Act
3/14/05 SC Water/Powr
HR 1124/Soulder National Park
Centennial Act
3/10/05 C
Trade, Infst
HR 1174/Shaw Regional Sediment
3/8/05 C
Trade, Infst
HR 1191/Inslee National Marine
Scholarship Act
3/9/05 C
HR 1431/Rahall Fisheries Science
/Mgmnt Enhancemnt Act
3/17/05 C
HR 1489/Gilchrest Coastal Ocean
Observation System Act
4/19/05 SC Env, Tech
HR 1265/Udall Abandoned Hardrock
3/10/05 SC Energy
HR 1299/Cardoza Critical Habitat
Enhancement Act
3/15/05 C
on Resources
HR 1584/Weldon Ocean & Coastal
Obervation System Act
4/12/05 C�s Res & Sci.
HR 1592/Ehlers Aquatic Invasive
Species Act
4/20/05 SC Env, Tech
HR 1596/Alexander Outer Continental Shelf Exploitation Act 4/18/05 SC Energy/Min


SB 93/Inouye  Merchant Marine Act (Transp/Sec 901)  1/24/05 C Commerce 
SB 218/Kohl Food Security Act/Stream/RipHabitat 1/31/05 C on Ag, Nut & For.
S 232/Smith  BOR-Fish Passage & Screening Facilities  3/10/05 Senate Calendar 
S 243/Craig National Heritage Partnership Act 3/9/05 Senate Calendar
S 260/Inholfe Partners for Fish and Wildlife Act 2/2/05 C Env Public Wrks
S 263/Akaka Paleontological Resource Preserveration 3/11/05 Legislative Calendar
S 339/Reid State Regulation of Hunting & Fishing Act 2/9/05 C on Judiciary
S 360/Snowe Coastal Zone Enhance. Reauthoriz. Act 2/10/05 C on Commerce
S 361/Snowe Ocean & Coastal Observation System Act 2/10/05 Senate Calendar
S 362/Inouye Marine Debris
Research Prevent/Reduct
2/10/05 C
on Commerce
S 363/Inouye Ballast Water Management Act 2/10/05 C on Commerce
S 364/Inouye Ocean & Coastal Mapping Integrat. Act 2/10/05 C on Commerce
S 421/Lott Sportfishing & Rec. Boating Safety Act 2/17/05 C on Commerce
S 427/Jeffords Renewable Energy Investment Act 2/17/05 C on Energy & NR
S 477/Dorgan Tribal Govt.Amends to Homeland Security 3/1/05 C on Homeland Sec
S 507/ DeWine National Invasive
Species Council Act
3/3/05 C
Env & Pub Wrks
S 535/Inouye Native American
Connectivity Act
3/7/05 SCIA
S 536/McCain Native American
Omnibus Act of ‘05
3/7/05 SCIA
S 548/Conrad Voluntary Public
Access/Wildlife Habitat
3/8/05 C
Ag, Nut & Forestry
S 572/Akaka Homeland Security
Food & Ag Act
3/9/05 C
Homeland Sec, GA
S 573/Akaka Ag Security Assist.
Act of 2005
3/9/05 C Ag, Nut. & Forest.
S 591/Thomas No Net Loss of
Private Land Act
3/10/05 C
Env Public Wrks
S 630/Dodd Tribal Acknowledgment
& BIA Enhance.
3/15/05 SCIA
S 728/Bond Water Resources
Development Act ‘05
4/26/05 Senate Calendar
S 736/ Vitter Outer Continental
Shelf Exploitation
4/6/05 C
Energy & NR
S 770/Levin Reauth.Aquatic
Nuisance Prev/Cont Act
4/13/05 C
Env & Pub Wrks

The purpose of this list is to provide an overview and status update of natural
resource/environment-related bills in the 109th U.S. Congress. More
specific overviews of some of the bills will be featured in the monthly Federal
Update, produced by NWIFC for its member tribes. Federal Update will also be
posted online at www.nwifc.org (click
Download/Legislative) and copies of the bills and related information can be
found on the Congressional website at www.Thomas.loc.gov. For more information, please call Steve Robinson at (360) 528-4347 or email [email protected].
All comments welcome.