Federal Update: Priority Bills


(Only 2004 bills have been retained in this edition. However, bills introduced prior to this year can be
“resurrected.” For a complete list of bills that have been prioritized in
Federal Update over time, please refer to prior editions or contact Steve
Robinson at 360 438-1180, ext. 317)

Bill # Sponsor Description Last Action/Status
SJR 37 Brownback (KS) Apology to Tribes 7/15/04 Senate Calendar
S 1107 Craig (WY) Recreational Fee Act ‘04 6/1/04 HOUSE SC Nat Prks
S 1366 Allard (CO) Chronic Wasting 4/6/04 SC F,W,Water -Heard
S 1715 Campbell (CO) Self Governance Amendments 6/16/04 SCIA Ord. Rep.
S 2066 Snowe (ME) Fishery Conservation & Mgmnt Amds Act ‘04 2/11/04 To C on Commerce
S 2134 Feinstein (CA) Tribal Forest Protection Act (ident.to HR 3846) 2/26/04 To SCIA
S 2172 Campbell (CO) Self Determination and Education Assistance 6/16/04 SCIA Ord. Rep.
S 2280 Stevens (AK) National Ocean Exploration Program (NOAA) 7/22/04 Passed Commerce Comm.
S 2301 Inouye (HA) Native American Fish & Wildlife Management 7/21/04 Passed SCIA
S 2382 Inouye (HA) Telecommunications in Indian Country 7/21/04 Passed SCIA
S 2488 Inouye (HA) Marine Debris Program (NOAA) 7/22/04 Passed Commerce Comm.
S 2537 Cochran (MS) Homeland Security $ Bill 6/17/04 Senate Calendar
S 2559 Stevens (AK) Defense Spending Bill (HR 4613 Passed) 6/24/04 Integ. Into HR 4613
S 2647 Hollings (SC) Comprehensive Ocean Reform 7/13/04 C on Commerce
S 2770 Daschle (SD) Tribal Trust Commission 7/22/04 To SCIA
HJR 98 Davis (VA) Apology to Tribes 6/18/04 C on Resources
HR 1662 Walden (OR) ESA Amendment Act 7/21/04 Passed H Resources
HR1856 Ehlers (MI) Harmful Algal Bloom, Environment. Impacts 7/8/04 Sen. C on Commerce
HR 2693 Gilchrest (MD) Amends to Marine Mammal Protection Act 4/20/04 Placed on House Calendar
HR 2828 Calvert (CA) Water Supply Implementation 7/16/04 Sen. Calendar
HR 2933 Cardoza (CA) Critical Habitat Reform
Act/ESA Reform
7/21/04 Union Calendar
HR 3266 Cox (CA) Homeland Security-First
Report Act
6/21/04 Union Calendar
HR 3320 Ross (AR) Migratory Bird Management 6/24/04 SC on Fisheries
HR 3846 Pombo (CA) Tribal Forest Protection Act 7/22/04 Public Law 108-278
HR 4094 Millender (CA) Geothermal Energy Act 4/19/04 SC on Dept Ops
HR 4513 Pombo (CA) NEPA Amendments 6/17/04 SC on Pub Wrks
HR 4526 Pallone (NJ) Office of Tribal Homeland
6/8/04 C on Resources
HR 4546 Ehlers (MI) NOAA $ Act 6/21/04 SC on Fisheries
HR 4607 Ehlers (MI) NOAA Organic Act 6/24/04 SC on Environ.
HR 4613 Lewis (CA) Defense Spending Bill 7/22/04 To White House
HR 4706 Rahall (WV) Amend. Magnusen Act 7/1/04 SC on Fisheries
HR 4754 Wolf (VA) CJS $ 7/9/04 C on Approps.
HR 4900 Greenwood (PA) Big Oceans Bill (“BOB”) 8/9/04 C on Environment T&S