Federal Update: Priority Bills

Updated May 6, 2004

(Bills that have seen recent action in bold)

Bill # Sponsor Description Last Action/Status
S 14 Domenici Energy Policy Act (rel bills:HR6,1644,S1005) 7/31/03 Senate Floor (heard)
S 195 Chafee (RI) Undrgrnd Strage/SolidWaste Disp (IncTribes) 6/26/03 Senate Calendar
S 247 Snowe (ME) Harmful Algal Bloom-Enviromental Impacts 10/29/03 Hs Calendar
S 525 Levin (MI) National Aquatic Invasive Species Act 6/17/03 Held in House
S 578 Inouye (HA) Tribal Govt.Amends to Homeland Security 7/30/03 SCIA Hearing Held
S 861 Hollings (SC) Coastal & Esturine Land Protection Act 10/1/03 Senate Calendar
S 1107 Craig (WY) Recreational Fee Act ‘04 3/9/04 Senate Calendar
S 1193 Wyden (OR) Cap.Construct.Fund Qual.Withdrawal Act,‘03 6/5/03 C on Finance
S 1236 Campbell (CO) Tamarisk Control &
Riparian Restoration Act
9/23/03 SC on Water & P-Hrng
S 1314 Bingaman (NM) Collaborative Healthy Forest Act ‘03 7/22/03 C on Energy & Nat Res
S 1366 Allard (CO) Chronic Wasting 4/6/04 SC F,W,Water -Heard
S 1401 McCain (AR) Reauthorizing NOAA 12/09/03 Sen Calendar
S 1453 Leahy (VT) Forestry & Community Assistance Act ‘03 7/24/03 C on Ag, Nuit, Forestry
S 1454 Domenici (NM) National Drought Preparation Act 7/24/03 C on Ag, Nuit, Forestry
S 1770 Campbell (CO) Indian $ Account Claim Satisfaction Act ‘03 10/29/03 SCIA
S 2066 Snowe (ME) Fishery Conservation & Mgmnt
Amds Act ‘04
2/11/04 To C on Commerce
S 2134 Feinstein (CA) Tribal Forest Protection Act (ident.to HR 3846) 2/26/04 To SCIA
S 2301 Inouye (HA) Native American Fish & Wildlife Management 4/29/04 SCIA–Heard
HR 6 Rauzin (LA) Energy Omnibus Bill (ANWR) 11/18/03 CR ag to in Hs
HR37 Boehlert (NY) EPA-Cabinet Level 9/9/03 Comm on Govt Ref- Hrng
HR238 Boehlert (NY) Energy Research and Development 6/27/03 Hs Calendar
HR1856 Ehlers (MI) Harmful Algal Bloom, Environment. Impacts 4/2/04 Senate Calendar
HR 1899 Young (AK) Cape Fox Land Entitlement
Adjustment Act
10/15/03 House Calendar
HR1904 McInnis (CO) Healthy Forest Restoration Act 12/3/03 Pub Law 108-148
HR1945 Thompson (CA) Pacific Salmon Recovery Act 9/16/03 House Calendar
HR 2057 McInnis (CO) Chronic Wasting Disease 6/19/03 C’sAg/Res, SC’s,Hr Hld
HR 2138 Ose (CA) Dept of Environmental Protection Act 9/9/03 C on Govt. Reform
HR 2169 Leach (LA) National Forest Protection & Restor.Act 6/20/03 To SC on 21st CentComp
HR2200 Udall (CO) Environmental Justice Act, ‘03 6/2/03 C on Env & Haz Mats
HR 2310 Rahall (WV) Species Protection/Cons.of Environment Act 6/9/03 SCon Forests&For.Health
HR2360 Capps (CA) Cap.Construct.Fund Qual.Withdrawal Act,‘03 6/5/03 C’s W&M,
Armed Serv
HR2419 Rahall (WV) Native American Sacred Lands Act 6/11/03 C on Resources
HR 2535 LaTourette (OH) Economic Development Admin. Reauthor. Act 10/21/03 Passed Hs, To Sen
HR 2557 Young (AK) WRDA 9/26/03 Passed Hs, To Sen. EPW
HR 2636 Green (WI) Chronic Wasting 7/14/03 SC Livestock/Hortic
HR 2654 Vitter (LA) Rigs to Reefs Act ‘03 7/31/03 SC Energy, Min.
HR 2673 Bonilla (TX) Consolidated Approps ‘04 1/23/04 Public Law
HR 2691 Taylor (NC) DOI & Related Agencies Approps ‘04 11/10/03 Pub. Law 108-108
HR 2693 Gilchrest (MD) Amends to Marine Mammal Protection Act 4/20/04 Placed on House
HR 2871 Hastings (FL) National Drought Preparedness Act ‘03 9/11/03 SC’s Wat&Pwr/Forestry
HR 2933 Cardoza (CA) Critical Habitat Reform Act/ESA Reform 4/28/04 C on
HR 3846 Pombo (CA) Tribal Forest Protection Act

4/21/04 SC For. Health-Passed