Federal Update: Priority Bills


*HR 6, the Energy Omnibus Bill, passed the House 246-180 on Nov. 18. But Senate
Democrats managed to defeat cloture, 57-40 on Nov. 21 (60 votes required). The
bill was largely crafted by House and Senate Republicans in conference.
Northwest Democrats, all of whom opposed the bill, charged that its tax
credits, government incentives and regulatory changes were heavily slanted to
favor utilities, the auto industry, and oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear
energy producers.

*HR 1904, the Healthy Forests Restoration Act, became Public Law on Dec.
3, ’03, after three years of haggling, spurred on by large forest fires. The new law is
intended to improve the capacity of the Departments of Agriculture and Interior
to reduce hazardous fuels, i.e., trees and brush, on national forest and BLM
lands to protect communities, watersheds and at-risk lands.

Bill # Sponsor Description Last Action/Status
S 14 Domenici Energy Policy Act
(rel bills:HR6,1644,S1005)
7/31/03 Senate Floor
S 195 Chafee (RI) Undrgrnd
Strage/SolidWaste Disp (IncTribes)
6/26/03 Senate Floor
S 247 Snowe (ME) Harmful Algal Bloom-Enviromental Impacts 10/29/03 Hs Floor
S 525 Levin (MI) National Aquatic
Invasive Species Act
6/17/03 Held in House
S 578 Inouye (HA) Tribal Govt.Amends to Homeland Security 7/30/03 SCIA Hearing Held
S 861 Hollings (SC) Coastal & Esturine Land Protection Act 10/1/03 Senate Floor
S 1107 >Craig (WY) Recreational Fee Act ‘03 3/9/04 Senate Floor
S 1193* >Wyden (OR) Cap.Construct.Fund
Qual.Withdrawal Act,‘03
6/5/03 C on Finance
S 1236 >Campbell (CO) Tamarisk Control & Riparian Restoration Act 9/23/03 SC on Water & P-Hrng
S 1314 Bingaman (NM) Collaborative
Healthy Forest Act ‘03
7/22/03 C on Energy & Nat Res
S 1366 Allard (CO) Chronic Wasting 4/6/04 Hearing Held (Sub F,W,W)
S 1401 McCain (AR) Reauthorizing NOAA 12/09/03 Sen Floor
S 1453 Leahy (VT) Forestry &
Community Assistance Act ‘03
7/24/03 C on Ag, Nuit, Forestry
S 1454 Domenici (NM) National Drought
Preparation Act
7/24/03 C on Ag, Nuit, Forestry
S 1770 Campbell (CO) Indian $ Account
Claim Satisfaction Act ‘03
10/29/03 SCIA Hearing
S 2066 Snowe (ME) Fishery
Conservation & Mgmnt Amds Act ‘04
2/11/04 To C on Commerce
S 2134 Feinstein (CA) Tribal Forest Protection Act of 2004 2/26/04 SCIA
S 2301 Inouye (HA) Native American
Fish & Wildlife Mgmnt Act
4/7/04 SCIA
*HR 6 Rauzin (LA) Energy Omnibus
Bill (ANWR)
11/18/03 CR ag to in Hs
HR37 Boehlert (NY) EPA-Cabinet Level 9/9/03 Comm on Govt
Ref- Hrng
HR238 Boehlert (NY) Energy Research
and Development
6/27/03 Hs Floor/Un Calendar
HR1856 Ehlers (MI) Harmful Algal
Bloom, Environment. Impacts
4/2/04 House Floor
HR 1899 Young (AK) Cape Fox Land Entitlement Adjustment Act 10/15/03 House Floor
*HR1904 McInnis (CO) Healthy Forest Restoration Act 12/3/03 Pub Law 108-148
HR1945 Thompson (CA) Pacific Salmon Recovery Act 9/16/03 House Floor
HR 2057 McInnis (CO) Chronic Wasting Disease 6/19/03 C’sAg/Res, SC’s,Hr Hld
HR 2138 Ose (CA) Dept of Environmental Protection Act 9/9/03 C on Govt. Reform
HR 2169 Leach (LA) National Forest Protection & Restor.Act 6/20/03 To SC on 21st CentComp
HR2200 Udall (CO) Environmental Justice Act, ‘03 6/2/03 C on Env & Haz Mats
HR 2310 Rahall (WV) Species Protection/Cons.of Environment Act 6/9/03 SCon Forests &For.Health
HR2360* Capps (CA) Cap.Construct.Fund Qual.Withdrawal Act,‘03 6/5/03 C’s W&M, Armed Serv
HR2419 Rahall (WV) Native American Sacred Lands Act 6/11/03 C on Resources
HR 2535 LaTourette (OH) Economic Development Admin. Reauthor. Act 10/21/03 Passed Hs, To Sen EPW
HR 2557 Young (AK) WRDA 9/26/03 Passed Hs, To
Sen. EPW
HR 2636 Green (WI) Chronic Wasting 7/14/03 SC Livestock/Hortic
HR 2654 Vitter (LA) Rigs to Reefs Act
7/31/03 SC Energy, Min. Res.
HR 2673 Bonilla (TX) Consolidated
Approps ‘04
1/23/04 Public Law 108-199
HR 2691 Taylor (NC) DOI & Related
Agencies Approps ‘04
11/10/03 Pub. Law
HR 2693 Gilchrest (MD) Amends to Marine
Mammal Protection Act
11/5/03 Ordered Rep by Hs. Res.
HR 2871 Hastings (FL) National Drought
Preparedness Act ‘03
9/11/03 SC’s Wat&Pwr/Forestry
HR 2890 Saxton (NJ) Freedom To Fish
7/29/03 SC Fish Cons,Wldlf, Oc