Eight new podcasts about the Nisqually

A group of Evergreen Students recently completed a series of podcasts about the Nisqually Indian Tribe’s role in natural resources management. Emily Gwinn, Jennifer Johnson, and Joe Nance completed the podcast below on the restoration of the Nisqually River estuary.

From their write-up:

“Nisqually Estuary” reviews the Nisqually Delta restoration projects just north of I-5, in the Nisqually National Wildlife Reserve (formerly the Brown Farm), and the tribally-owned Braget Farm Site on the east bank of the Nisqually River. It focuses on dike removal and the effects that it will have on the estuary and its species. It also examines the cooperative relationship between local farmers and the Nisqually Tribe to protect the estuary from development.

You can download the seven other podcasts here.

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