Eatonville Dispatch: Nisqually Tribe wraps up construction

The Eatonville Dispatch covered the final touches of the recent Mashel River project by the Nisqually Tribe:

With the rains moving in, a $1.4 million reconstruction project in Smallwood Park on the Mashel River in Eatonville has been going from dusk to dawn. The project has resulted in construction of eight new “logjams” designed both to control the river during flooding and to provide a better habitant for salmon reproduction.

Flooding last winter nearly took out the north side of the SR161 bridge next to Smallwood Park and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) spent more than a month in major channel repairs and rebuilding the banks at one spot south of the bridge to prevent washout of SR161.

Here is more information on the project to restore salmon populations on the Mashel River.